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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Americas 3

This sailboat was the first boat entered into the Americas Cup that was not designed and built by traditional boat builders, but by aeronautics engineers in Salt Lake City. the 75 foot Jayhawk was built for the 1992 Americas Cup - and won! It came home to Wichita Kansas in March 1992 and is dry docked at Waterfront Park in Wichita, in front of the Hyatt Regency!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wright Brothers plane

This is the actual plane that the Wright brothers flew into aviation history in December 1903 on a sanddune in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Mike and I climbed the hill!

The National Museum of the American Indian

This Smithsonian building has no square corners - Indian superstition states the EVIL lurks in corners!

US Botanical Gardens

This was an interesting collage globe - the color comes from seed packets! There were quite a few artistic globes in the display outside the US Botanical Gardens, across the street from the US Capitol. The gardens are a Smithsonian museum!

Waterfall at FDR Memorial

This in one of many water features in the FDR Memorial.

FDR Memorial

This is part of a large display at the FDR Memorial - notice the spots on both FDR and the dog where the brass has been rubbed shiney!

Washington Monument

Notice the two colors of stone in the monument - While building the Washington Monument, US ran out of money for the project and stopped. When funds were raised to complete it, the stone came from the same quarry but much deeper than previously, causing the color difference in the monument.

United States Supreme Court

US Capitol Building

Union Station, Washington DC

Monument to Christopher Columbus, Columbus Circle, in front of Union Station, Washington DC

See lighthouse photos

I have added some albums of Lighthouse photos from our 2008 trip to the east coast. These are on a permanent right sidebar! Use the link to navigate to Bubbleshare. There you will see my first lighthouse photos. After you view the first album click on my name to go see my other albums! We actually saw 17 lighthouses on this trip, but only 15 had photos worth publishing. The other two were quite distant, only accessible by boat, and we couldn't get any closer! The two not shown are Old Baldy (Cape Fear River Lighthouse) North Carolina amd Baltimore Lighthouse near Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis, Maryland!
I believe my current US Lighthouse count is 53! Since there are 821 recorded lights in the US, I guess we will have to plan a few more trips! smile!