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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The frog and the cards

Last night poki attended a Christmas card swap at the local scrapbooking store where she shops and teaches. The frog was there to witness the whole thing!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The view from Squaw Pass

There was some snow down near the road - light, wet stuff - so unlike the snow of poki's experience. Much more snow on mountain tops in the distance. The view was just gorgeous in the valley below Mt. Evans.

When we came down out of the Pass onto Evergreen Parkway, we had lunch at a small cafe - the food was wonderful - and then headed back toward Denver. Right next to the shopping center with the cafe was Bergen Park, and it revealed an opportunity to take some animal photos - elk in the park in TOWN!

Up the mountain

Joe took poki up the mountain toward Mt Evans to see the snow today! We only got as far as Echo Lake, which was almost completely frozen. Ice was 6 to 8" deep at the edges. Melvin and the frogs enjoyed their visit to Echo Lake, as did poki, Mike and Joe!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our new "traveling buddies"

At the wedding reception on Saturday night, JJ & Emily had "traveling buddies" for each of their guests, similar to the ones they took with them to Europe last year. Our instructions were to take them on a "grand adventure" and report back to JJ & Emily about all the places that we went with our new "buddies." On Sunday, Mike, poki and Pat took a shuttle trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens with their "buddies." Here is their photo! We're looking forward to sharing our favorite places with our new "traveling buddies."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're here!

There is snow on the mountains in the distance, but sunny here in town today! We did stop and take pictures of the view from near our hotel! There will be pictures posted soon!

I'm loving it!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Only 2 more days to wait ...

I'm really getting excited now! Monday night will be packing night for real (I've pre-packed twice to make sure the stuff is going to fit) I have to weigh the suitcase once it is full to make sure it comes in UNDER 50 pounds. My case weight in May was about 45, but I didn't have a heavy coat in it then! My wardrobe may suffer, but I think I may need that coat in Denver!

I practiced taking pictures with my wide-angle lens today (I've always had it and never really used it!) I will use it for wedding portraits! I also tried out the zoom lens, and the speedlite! They are now all safely packed and ready to head out to Denver.

For those who think Texas has no color in the Fall - the sumacs are going RED! We had one cold night (28 degree windchill) a couple of weeks ago and it started the coloring process! The Chinese Tallow in Mom's yard was tinged with red the last time I saw it (last Wednesday) Will check on that one tomorrow. Over the weekend I was in San Antonio (far North East SA) and there were some Cypress trees with a burst of color! Also, the Texas sage bush in my front yard has erupted into purple banks of flowers again, along with the purple lantana planted around it!

Check back for SNOW pictures later in the week!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our trip to Denver!

It's almost time - Mike and poki are heading to Denver on Wednesday, November 12. Check back for pictures from our trip starting Thursday night!