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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cape Neddick Light, York, ME

This picturesque light was located on a rock island just off the rocky coast of Southern Maine in York. It is privately owned by the city of York, but obviously had some VIP visitors the morning we were there. (We were driving from Portland to Boston down the coast on June 1 - our trip home was the next day, but we were trying to squeeze as much out of the day as we could!)

Ft Niagara Light, New York

I took this photo May 25, 2007 at Ft. Niagara, just north of Buffalo NY. It is located at the strategic point where the Niagara River (below the Falls) empties into Lake Ontario. The Fort at the point has been "owned" by the French (who built it), the British who took it away, and the US who also took it away during the American Revolution, and then successfully defended it from the British again during the War of 1812.

The current light was built in 1872, although a previous tower preceded it in 1823. It was deactiviated in 1993, but is still used as a private aid to navigation, owned by U.S. Coast Guard as many of the lights in USA are.