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Saturday, September 29, 2007

God's Quiet Things - listen!

Mike and poki took a day trip to Heritage Handcraft Farm in nearby Elm Mott (Waco) poki had visited early in the summer, but Mike had not been there before. He was impressed with the wood workshop - a class on furniture finishing was in progress so he didn't stick around too long. poki of course was most impressed with the gardens by the GristMill because they attracted a large population of butterflies, mostly Queens I believe. We did see a couple of Monarch, but this place is well outside the migration path of the Monarch butterflies. It's almost time for that - will have to go visit our friends out in San Saba County to see the full effect of the migration!
I bought a children's book at The Barn (a gift shop at the farm) - probably will give it to my great nephew Blake someday, but for now, poki needs it. It is called "God's Quiet Things" and reminds us to recognize and take pleasure in the quiet things God has provided for us, the first thing on the list - the flight of the butterfly! I really love God's Quiet Things and try to dignify those things with my photographs. I have challenged myself to add a picture-a-day, beginning October 1 (we'll see if I can make good on that challenge! - this is a good start!) I have almost reached 13,000 on my Nikon camera, and have about 10,000 more pictures from my Sony, so I do have a lot to choose from.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sand Fest 2007 - Mustang Island, Texas

Mike and I went to Corpus Christi to celebrate my birthday weekend in April. And although it was cold, wet and nasty as winter and early spring are famous for on the Gulf Coast, Sand Fest 2007 was absolutely amazing. This competition had 27 professionals, either solo or duo sculptors, from all over the world who came to Port Aransas for the weekend to build really fancy "sand castles" in a cold & rainy Texas coast weekend. Check out some amazing sculptures made with SAND and WATER only.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Our vacation took us to Portland, Maine - state #10 on our whirlwind two weeks in the NorthEast - on May 31. Our first stop upon arriving in Portland was Old Port to take the Lighthouse Lover's Cruise in Casco Bay. It was cold and wet, spent our time under a blanket when we weren't taking pictures, but the picture taking was wonderful. Portland Head is probably the most often photographed lighthouse in North America (although there are a few Oregonians who will claim that distinction for Heceta Head - I've photographed that one too!) It was truly a pleasure to see this Light, I really never expected to be there! It was gorgeous (but COLD and WET!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Swimming time on Irondequoit Bay, Rochester NY

Mike and poki spent about an hour on the shore of Irondequoit Bay (5/29/07) watching these baby geese learn to swim! The Bay was crowded that day with geese, ducks and swans! Absolutely beautiful!

The Columbine!

This is the photo of the Columbine that I used to do the "Special effects - Kaleidoscope" on the previous picture!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fun with photo of Columbine

I was playing the other night in the EFFECTS toolbar in Paint Shop Pro (Effects- Kaleidoscope) - the original photo was a Columbine that I saw at the Conservatory in Highland Park in Rochester.

It's a MOTH!

I love to photograph butterflies and moths, too! This rather large (8 inch wing span) tropical moth had just emerged within the hour when we visited the Butterfly House inside the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York back in May! I will continue to post more butterfly and moth pictures, from this fly house, and other places too! (I always visit a "fly house" when I am nearby - my all time FAVORITE fly house is Butterfly World, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida - visited in 2002!) I think they are the most amazing creatures! And I photograph them whenever I can!

Our Vacation 2007 - Lighthouses Galore!

This is one of my favorite lighthouses - Charlotte/Genesee River Light (Lake Ontario) in Rochester, New York. My first visit to this light was in November 2000 - Thanksgiving weekend - and it was completely surrounded by SNOW! Although I enjoyed seeing the snow, seeing the light in the SPRING felt better! I'll go back and find the picture of the light in the snow and post it soon!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My photos - enjoy

I like to share photos with my family and friends - and this will be an easy way for you to see a "small" image of the photos I've been taking! Resolution won't be great, but I live in a dial-up world! (I may have to change that soon - although there is LITTLE opportunity for high speed internet in this "paradise" I live in at the lake!) Enjoy my photos!